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Whether you’re hosting a party or want the perfect date night with your special someone, we have you covered with the freshest ingredients + front door delivery. We provide unparalleled service and convenience to all of our buzzing bee's. We will provide an experience for our bee's that's as sweet as honey! Your specialty charcuterie board will be the perfect pairing for a date night, girls night, party, or any other event! Each charcuterie board will be artfully plated + the centerpiece of your event.

Become a buzzing bee by purchasing a specialty charcuterie board! 

Each specialty charcuterie board will contain: 

  • variety of meats + cheeses

  • various fruits, crackers + accompaniments 

  • wooden charcuterie board 

  • set of cheese board utensils 

  • jar of infused honey for all of our buzzing bee's

The current delivery range is hickory (23322) + a 15-mile radius. If you are outside of the delivery range, there will be an additional fee. 


Do you want to learn how to become a charcuterie artist

We offer how to classes! Hickory Charcuterie will come to your event to provide an in-depth how-to class for both charcuterie boards or jarcuteries. This is an experience created to your wants + needs. Message us today to schedule a fun experience for your next girls night, birthday party, or couples event!

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